Web Applications manage vulnerable data playing a key role in business processes

apptroops makes sure your web applications are secure and running uncovering the flaws

apptroops is excellent at conducting comprehensive application security testing for the web applications. We uncover logic and design flaws that could help the malicious hacker to gain unauthorized access to your networks, systems, information or application. Our testing lets you know the criticality of the vulnerabilities found in applications, which includes front and backend systems.

The automated approach that we follow includes testing through in-house tools, Built-in Vulnerability Scanner, and Testing through premium tools like CVE ID’s checks, whereas the human testing of Application Logic happens by Manual Approach where OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, WASC verification standards are followed.

apptroops WSA approach

Lets you know whether attackers can exploit web services

In order to start the testing, apptroops collects the communication between the client application and web service. Observing all service related traffic, which is helpful in discovering and evaluating potential attacks. Once this is done apptroops provides you with strategic recommendations in order to make the security of these services better.

With the assessment of web services organizations can understand the impact of any sort of attack against the processes, by amending problems in these services the organizations can help ensure the security of important information and important processes that these

services are meant to handle.

apptroops Process and Approach:

apptroops Methodology provides identification of vulnerabilities and hence ensures the security of your applications. A five-phase process that ensures an effective and efficient security testing is:

apptroops WSA approach

Web application penetration testing is done with different approaches

01 Black-box Testing

In the black box, apptroops tests the application without the knowledge of the application. This testing process involves simulating the attack as a normal user without having access to the source code.

02 Grey-Box Testing

In the grey box, apptroops tests the application with limited knowledge on the application. This testing process involves simulating the attack with the use of user credentials or limited access to the application.

apptroops’s Web Application Penetration Testing Services Include

  • Injection Attacks
  • Cross-scripting attacks
  • Cross-site request forgery attack (CSRF)
  • Missing Function level access control
  • Invalidated redirects and forwards
  • Broken Authentication
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • Patch travel attacks
  • Request/Response smuggling attacks
  • Safeguard your organization’s information assets and market reputation.
  • Identify the flaws in designs and improve the security of your application at the development level.
  • You can find out if the software of the client is manipulated or not to provide unauthorized access.
  • The productivity is improved and the application downtime is decreased.
  • Supports user confidence in application security.
  • The risks and the ways to eliminate them are provided.
apptroops WSA approach

Benefits of Web Application security

apptroops find vulnerabilities and offer recommendations for better securing the
application and the sensitive data it handles