Apptroops code review

With automated tools locates areas that lead to security vulnerabilities

Secure Source Code Auditing is a comprehensive analysis and structured review of the source, which help us identify security vulnerabilities, violations of safety rules or errors. Ensuring that the code contains efficient and appropriate security controls and also the software systems being developed are self-defending for the expected and unexpected.

Secure Source Code Auditing
With Apptroops secure code auditing

Get faster and thorough analysis by overcoming testing limitations

  • Manual validation of every issue is done and conducts line-by-line inspection of the application code to find logical errors, insecure use of cryptography, insecure system configurations, and other known issues specific to the platform.
  • Apptroops with its automated and manual approach detect insecure coding practices, backdoors, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, insecure handling of external resources, weak cryptography, etc.
Apptroops code review

Apptroops secure code review services is three phased process

Apptroops code review

Areas Covered in our code review process are

Apptroops code review

Apptroops's secure source code audit advantages

Meet compliance standards:

  • We make sure to fulfill and satisfy industry’s regulations and compliance standards.

  • Apptroops gives software security the topmost importance and once that is achieved our goals are accomplished.

  • Our stakeholders trust us because of the years of unwavering services provided to them, in making application risk-averse from malicious attackers.

  • the design and implementation by Apptroops are steady and unvarying giving the clients the best and consistent services.

Every finding is manually verified and we report
only confirmed issue saving valuable development time