Red Team Assessment

Is your Organization willing to work towards a higher level of security maturity?

The Red team is performed without any previous knowledge about the targets. It launches sophisticated and covert attacks to identify the threats from a real business rival. We make sure to prepare a multi-pronged and holistic attack strategy to assess the state of our client’s information security from a real hacker’s perspective and prepare a comprehensive report on both strategic and tactical levels, which can be utilized to safeguard the business from cyber attacks.


Financial services firms worldwide


The top largest banks worldwide.
Red Teaming
Red Team Assessment

Key Benefits of Apptroops Red Team

Extensive Reporting

With the help of thorough and manually written reports, we provide our clients with a complete overview of the red teaming operations and actionable intelligence to help prioritize and remediate risks identified.

Extensive Reporting

Addressing Vulnerabilities

Apptroops makes sure that persistent cyber criminals cannot exploit any vulnerabilities that your organization faces. You will receive necessary post-security operation support to address any complex security vulnerabilities that are discovered.

Addressing Vulnerabilities

How you Respond

Apptroops finds out how prepared your organization is to respond to a real-life cyber threat by testing the ability of processes, technology, and personnel to recognize, contain, and solve a targeted attack.

How you Respond
Red Team operations

The Red Team Assessment closely studies a persistent attacker’s targeting strategy of sensitive information.

At the very beginning, the client and Apptroops discuss the assets as the client is most worried about it and needs to safeguard it on high priority, which is the very same information the attackers would most likely seek.

Apptroops then tries to obtain these assets through a variety of stealthy and extensive attacks acting like a hacker, we believe only by getting into the shoes of the malicious hackers, as we understand how to protect the entity under attack.

We focus on multiple domains

  • Logical security
  • Physical security
  • Personnel security awareness

The attack methodologies may involve thorough reconnaissance, technical testing and attacks, social engineering, and physical penetration. The Red Team truly is the best way to determine where your organization stands in its ability to prevent and respond to advanced threats.

  • Defend you from security breaches.
  • Know the level of efforts required to compromise the organization’s sensitive data.
  • Getting fact-based risk analyses and security recommendations for improvement.
  • Quick response to events and incidents.

Apptroops’s Red Team Operations can help you

Red Team Attack surface

Depending upon the goals, priorities, and objectives of the organization attack surface area of Red Team is mutually decided, Apptroops’s assessments offer a comprehensive approach to make the organization ready for all that the attackers throw at it.

Our Approach

Apptroops approaches every Red Team test in a different way for each organization. Our methodology is performed by the industry’s top security testing technique, based on thousands of worldwide engagements and customized for individual requirements. Each Red Team test uses special techniques and intelligence from the Apptroops’s Counter Threat Unit that is designed as blended attacks that combine various techniques to avoid detection and helps prevention. Apptroops’s approach allows clients to improve the detection of attacks as well as defenses against miscreants, and to tune their existing devices to detect advanced methods.