Safeguards for today’s

Connected medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities

Health records are some of the most lucrative information. With an upward swing in data breaches that compromise protected health information (PHI), the healthcare industry faces penalties and devastating long-term consequences. Hackers use the information they stole to sell on the black market, file for fraudulent insurance claims or steal identities.

With the sophistication of attacks on the rise and increased reliance on connected and vulnerable IoT medical devices, the risk to healthcare organizations has increased significantly. The industry’s defences are no match for hackers.

medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities
Failure to maintain cyber security can result in compromised device functionality, loss of data availability or integrity, or exposure of other connected devices or networks to security threats. This in turn may have the potential to result in patient illness, injury, or death.
Safeguards for today’s

Challenges For Healthcare

Data is Lucrative to hackers

The Fraudsters view a healthcare organization’s as an easy way to steal the data.

Patient’s Experience

The financial institutions are more prone to attacks

Staff Training

The entire staff with many different disciplines needs to be trained and made a pro in detecting a security breach.


Usually the budget set aside for security is much lesser compared to the one available for other processes.

Safeguards for today’s

What do we do?

apptroops’s solutions assist healthcare to prevent fraud, decrease costs, and improve patients’ experience while protecting their privacy and the brand’s reputation of the healthcare organization.
  • Reduce account takeovers
  • Operational costs are lowered
  • Protect patient’s privacy & brand reputation of your organization
  • Improving the experience of patients

apptroops find vulnerabilities and offer recommendations for better securing the
application and the sensitive data it handles