Keeping the finance and Banking industries safe and sound

By easily and accurately detecting fraudsters

Financial institutions are to hackers as honey is to the bees, and the bad news is that many of these attacks succeed as well, a single incidence is capable of threatening brand reputation.

Hence it becomes mandatory for financial institutions to make significant strides in cyber security by continuously assessing and monitoring their own security posture, it is vital that organizations such as banks, hedge funds, wealth management firms and private equity houses make the right security investments to make that the data is protected.

In 2016, the financial industry ranked #1 for security incidents with data loss.

Financial Services

Financial institutions store value information, including client data, banking records, proprietary research and trading algorithms, which is at constant risk of being compromised.

Keeping the finance and Banking industries safe and sound

Challenges For Financial Services

Poor Protection

The solutions used for banking are not as efficient as they should be in pointing out fraudsters or avoiding a fraud even before it happens.

High exposure to fraud

The financial institutions are more prone to attacks compared to other industries.

Increase in the sophistication of frauds

Frauds are getting more and more sophisticated and highly difficult to investigate and monitor.

Keeping the finance and Banking industries safe and sound

What do we do?

We totally understand the trends, business challenges, and regulatory or compliance requirements. Our information security framework helps organizations in aligning their strategy with the business more effectively and efficiently.

apptroops solutions help organizations to detect and defend against the exploit and advanced attacks that bypass their traditional security measures.

  • Prevent account takeovers
  • Operational costs are lowered
  • Protect the brand reputation of your organization and customer privacy
  • Reduced security breach risks

apptroops find vulnerabilities and offer recommendations for better securing the
application and the sensitive data it handles