Your organization’s data is more than vulnerable to privacy violations and misuses

apptroops with the right expertise ensures end-to-end security

With apptroops, data integrity is our priority, we ensure appropriate data security services are deployed and important information is not compromised. The data securities solutions we use help in creating a roadmap for the organizations, offering various engagement models that optimally used solutions to achieve most protection against data breaches. Our data security solutions are flexible enough to accommodate different IT infrastructures and business demands.

Data Security
  • Compliance with industry standards of specific country or region, following the varying regulations
  • Due to the client’s low-security awareness and little knowledge of security policies, it’s challenging to deal with.
  • A lot of data leaks happen through social media sites
  • Data that is unprotected and distributed across different types of storage, cloud, applications, and networks.
Your organization’s data is more than vulnerable to privacy violations and misuses

Data security challenges

apptroops’s vulnerability assessment

apptroops’s Vulnerability Assessment process

During vulnerability assessment, the professionals and the experts at apptroops understand the confidentiality of your information and make sure to not exploit any of the vulnerabilities found. The apptroops team uses techniques, which are automated, and manual to discover existing vulnerabilities.

apptroops Data security approach

apptroops Data security Services

  • Data Protection Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Data threat Analysis
  • Data mapping and classification

1. Advisory and consulting services

2. Logical Security for data

  • Encryption and Screening
  • Password and Authentication
  • Reports and log generation
  • User Authorization

3. End to End data loss prevention solution

4. Data security Incident Management Services

apptroops find vulnerabilities and offer recommendations for better securing the
application and the sensitive data it handles