Apptroops offers

unparallel Auditing & Assessment services, using a well-planned approach to auditing the systems

Auditing plays an important role in multiple areas. It assesses the organization’s IT infrastructure, operations, and processes. Because of the constant movement of systems, they get more and more susceptible to potential risks.

With the help of the correct workforce and competent auditors, the safety of the software system and the risks associated are predicted correctly in the audit reports.

unparallel Auditing & Assessment services
Apptroops’s process of Auditing involves

Audit Planning and Preparation

We make sure that our auditors are sufficiently educated about the company and the important business activities before we start with the audit and assessment. In order to determine whether the client’s goal is being met, our auditors perform the following tasks before beginning with the review.

  • Conducting a meeting with the management of IT in order to point out the areas that need to be focused on.
  • The organization chart is reviewed.
  • Analyze job descriptions of all the employees of the data center.
  • We perform analysis of all operating systems, data center equipment, and software application.
  • Company’s IT policies and procedures are reviewed.
  • We analyse the company’s budget for IT and systems planning documentation.
  • The data center’s disaster recovery plan is reviewed.

After the audit planning and preparation is over, the next step involves reviewing the corporate data takes place, the auditor shows the essential features of the data centre audit objectives. Only after thorough testing and analysis, our auditors determine if the data centre maintains proper controls and is operating efficiently and effectively. Given is a list of objectives our auditor will review.

  • Personnel procedures and responsibilities including systems and cross-functional training.
  • Change management processes are in place and looked after by IT and administration workforce.
  • The appropriate backup methodology is in place to avert the loss of critical information.
  • The data center has satisfactory physical security controls anticipate unapproved access to the data center.
  • Adequate environmental controls are in place to guarantee equipment is shielded from fire hazards and flooding.
Apptroops’s process of Auditing involves

Establishing audit objectives

Apptroops’s process of Auditing involves

Performing the review

The next step is gathering proof to fulfil data centre audit objectives. This includes heading out to the data centre location and observing processes and within the data centre. Review procedures are followed and until audit objectives are met.

Finalizing and issuing the review report

The review report will summarize our key findings. The review report will be dated as of the completion of the auditor’s inquiry and procedures.

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