Large number of False Positives

Can be very costly and have damaging consequences

Customary computerized security testing doesn’t check the high severity vulnerabilities and return a vast number of false positives.

Apptroops intelligent automation of testing and manual business application logic testing conveys the high detection rate and ensures low false positives to each client with a successful security testing.

unparallel Auditing & Assessment services
Large number of False Positives

With Apptroops get ready to transform your Cyber Security

False alarms prevent you from fixing the real vulnerabilities

Apptroops Lowest False Positive Rates

Detection of vulnerabilities that do not exist is very hard to deal with. False positives reduce confidence in automated security testing and waste the security researcher’s time trying to find and fix vulnerabilities.

  • Apptroops drives the industry’s lowest false positive and false negative rates even lower.
  • Apptroops Built-in Continuous Scanner (BCS) checks several high-severity vulnerabilities.
  • Correct results reduce the need to manually confirming detected vulnerabilities.

Apptroops Extras

Apptroops always performs some extra checks and make sure your application has gone through 1000+ test cases

  • Advanced Algorithms with Apptroops ‘s more than 1000+ test cases
  • OWASP Top 10/OWASP ASVS, STAN Top 25, WASC verification standards
  • Industry’s most advanced SQL injection and cross-site scripting testing
  • Advanced Automated Vulnerability Testing
Our Machine Learning Is Proven

Apptroops’s Hybrid approach provides you with

  • Performance and scalability
  • Minimal false positives
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities detection
  • SANS Top 25 vulnerabilities detection
  • Advanced Automated Vulnerability Testing
  • Advanced Algorithms with Apptroops’s more than 1000+ test cases

apptroops find vulnerabilities and offer recommendations for better securing the
application and the sensitive data it handles