Apptroops - CERT

Responds to major incidents, analysing threats, and exchanging critical cybersecurity information with trusted partners around the world.

For any organization facing a cyber attack, the need to understand the situation clearly in order to take control of the breach, avoid panic measures that can ignite the situation and prepare an effective cyber incident response team plan.

Apptroops’s cyber incident response service is made to help businesses manage critical security events. Our experienced experts are skilled at mitigating the destructive effects of cyber-attacks, we investigate how they propagate and provide swift, clear remediation advice is provided.

unparallel Auditing & Assessment services
Apptroops - CERT

Functions performed by Apptroops CERT

  • An additional in depth and elaborate review of all IT security plans and procedures is done.
  • We can promote IT security awareness and manage all audits and drills.
  • We can assist you in evaluation of new technologies and techniques prevention and containment.
  • We can provide risk management analysis of IT implementations and see how it affects the organization.
  • We can investigate new security vulnerabilities and threats and find out the most adequate response.
  • We can perform the action of the emergency contact group for the organization.
  • We can perform the role of IT emergency system management for all remotely stored system’s critical information.

Key Features of Apptroops CERT

Rigorous Breach Investigation

Apptroops uses the new digital forensic techniques and reverse engineering to point out the source and kind of attack, how it is spread, and which specific systems data and users have been compromised due to the attack.

Support and Assistance 24/7

Our experienced team of incident response is always ready to help contain and remediate an attack in order to minimize any kind of damage to the business.

Comprehensive Reporting

By conducting a detailed post-incident review and producing clear and hand-written reports, Apptroops helps in communicating the effects of a breach to the relevant stakeholders and suggests remedial actions.

Elaborative Response Planning

Our cyber incident response team can help you in improving your response to a wide variety of attacks by reviewing your defensive technology and procedures.

Implementing the security policy

Working with internal stakeholders across the organization, our specialists can help you understand your organization’s state of preparedness to deal with a cybersecurity attack and devise the procedures required to minimize cyber risk and improve threat awareness.

apptroops find vulnerabilities and offer recommendations for better securing the
application and the sensitive data it handles