Our global cyber-brain is the combination of

ML algorithms and unequalled human expertise of our security team.

Data is growing exponentially with each passing day; the data generated is of great importance to many companies in order to understand the customer behavior and the trends in the market. There is a rapid increase in data generation therefore almost impossible for humans to handle it alone, therefore machine learning is employed.

Similarly, when we talk about cyber security, systems that are fully automated tend to have a large number of false positives and miss the vulnerabilities; the solution lies in the amalgamation of machine learning and the human brain.

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Our Machine Learning Is Proven

To work at a level detecting threats that others can’t see through

Apptroops allows the computer to learn and grow when presented with new data without being explicitly programmed. We make sure that you are presented with an excellent combination of the power of machine learning used for intelligent automation of mobile application and web, with human intelligence and manual testing by our highly competent and certified researchers.

When it comes to data security there are no magic spells, there is, however, a very strong cyber defence solution, it is a combination of two very closely related technologies one fairly new and the other decades old.

Can machine-learning help elevate the level of cyber security?

If we take a look at the recent cyber attacks, we see that no organization whether it is a big firm or small is not safe from such attacks. Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new and improved ways to steal information or extort money from various organizations that prove that we have loopholes in our current security system. In the current scenario, companies take months to detect cybercrime and by the time they find a problem, a significant amount of loss has already occurred.

To protect organizations from such attacks by cybercriminals, companies invest in various tools and software that further result in the generation of more data. This vast amount of data, exponentially increasing the number of cyber-attacks and shortage of cybersecurity analysts is bringing out the need to reevaluate cybersecurity strategies.

An unsupervised machine learning solution can lead to false positives leading to decreased sensibility and trust for such methods. And, with the increase in data, it is not realistic to manually code and configure all this data in order to prevent cyber attacks. But, if we combine machine learning and human expertise, we will be able to counter such attacks. The hybrid understands the weakness of each system and gives a more effective and efficient solution against cybercrimes.

Our Machine Learning Is Proven

Appsecuri’s Hybrid approach provides you with

  • Performance and scalability
  • Minimal false positives
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities detection
  • SANS Top 25 vulnerabilities detection
  • Advanced Automated Vulnerability Testing
  • Advanced Algorithms with Appsecuri’s more than 1000+ test cases

The goal of Apptroops is to arm the developers with
information which help them make the applications secure