Static/Dynamic Testing

Does Static/Dynamic Testing Identify All App Vulnerabilities?

In a word, No. There are certain vulnerabilities can only be identified with manual app testing, such as Authentication Bypass, Password Management & Privilege Escalation, logout functionality and token handling. Some of these vulnerabilities don’t require any user interaction, they can result in the takeover of accounts and stealing of data or funds, very serious breaches in today’s business climate.

Many companies don’t do manual testing because they lack the time/expertise and it can be expensive. We specialize in manually testing for vulnerabilities because we are experts in penetration testing, having found vulnerabilities is some of the largest platforms including Google Facebook and Microsoft.

We run static and dynamic vulnerability testing for the latest vulnerabilities, and manual application security testing for logic, authentication and privilege escalation vulnerabilities. We also test vulnerabilities together, much like hackers trying to exploit your app will do to understand the true severity level of vulnerabilities.

90% of the time we find previously unknown critical/high severity vulnerabilities as we’ve done with Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Sony. We test using resources around the globe where it’s more economical, we’ll prove it to you with a free 24-hour test of 1 of your apps and show you the results. Request a 24-hour Free Pen Test at  so you can see the high quality of our work & reports.