red team pen testing

Run More Frequent Pen Tests Economically

Running full penetration tests is expensive because it’s labour intensive. Unlike malware or vulnerability testing which can be mostly automated, penetration tests are mostly manual and are performed by very skilled ethical hackers.

  • Manual testing by ethical hackers emulates how black hat hackers will penetrate your site/application, if you’ve fixed the vulnerabilities hackers commonly use, they will look elsewhere for softer targets.
  • Manual testing of vulnerabilities together gives a company a clear picture of the true severity of vulnerabilities, some low severity vulnerabilities when combined with others can become critical.
  • Some flaws, such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) and other business logic vulnerabilities, require a human to be in the loop to exploit and verify the vulnerability. Only Manual testing can provide positive identification and manual validation of these vulnerabilities.

If you’re a high-value target with consumer PII or use agile development, best practices suggest weekly/bi-monthly tests to synch with your product release cycles and re-test to ensure vulnerabilities were all patched.

Through the end of the year, we’re offering to double your test frequency of pen tests in 2018 for what you spent in 2017.  Request a 24-hour Free Vulnerability Test at security@apptroops.comso you can see the high quality of our work & reports.